about me

Hi, I'm Kat, short for Katherine- after Katharine Hepburn in case you were wondering. I have a full time job as a Marketing Coordinator for First Cal Mortgage and I stay up to create invitations, birth announcements, blog posts and more by night. It means a lot of hours but I love every minute of it!

I married a wonderful man named Ryan in September of 2008 and while I always knew I loved planning parties, creating the paper goods for our wedding proved to me this was a major passion. I launched Designs by Kat in December 2009 after being told about etsy as a possible avenue for my work, man am I thankful for that facebook comment.

I have lots of other passions and I try to indulge them as often as I can and I sometimes blog about them too. Things like animals, wine, the beach, flowers, snowboarding, movies, books, interior design and music. I am a childhood cancer survivor and one of my major passions is volunteering and raising money for the American Cancer Society where I used to work. I think that early test of life showed me the amazing beauty that life offers and will forever remind me to treasure the little things.

My blog is a showcase of things that inspire me, through color, life and art I find something everyday that I can't wait to share with others and I hope to share these things with you through my blog as well as my designs.

You can find me here:
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