Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wedding Etsy Style

I am so jealous of the brides who get to peruse the pages of Etsy for unique handmade items for their weddings. I had to spend (well I did love every minute of it) countless hours on tons of different websites and in bridal magazines to find my choice wedding items. I thought I would put together a collection of items I would have added to my favorites if I were to do it all again - I stress the if.

I made all the paper goods for my wedding so I won't be featuring any of those in this sampling but you can find amazing wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invites, menu cards and more on etsy (from my shop as well as many other talented artists').

We got married in September, 2008 in Healdsburg, California at the Villa Chanticleer. We were married outside in the wedding garden and had the reception in the bar and banquet room. We chose shades of green and orange to mirror the local vineyards as well as our taste in bright and fun decor.

If you see something you like look below for links to each item and store.

Of course through my tireless searching I found everything I could ever have wished for in my dream wedding. I just had to look a little harder and sometimes customize things myself. Below are some of the highlights of my own special day.
My photographer was Erica Berger, view her site, I've got nothing but awesome things to say about her!

Planning your day? I'd love to see pictures, I LOVE WEDDINGS!


Friday, March 26, 2010

who knew a question of "how-to" could spur this huh?

What a funny world we live in! I have so many things to say about what I found to be the top searched keywords following "how to" on google that I am having trouble even starting with a clear point.

Here's how I got here ...
   my mind was wandering, watching some project runway and flipping through some saved web pages
          I thought "hmm what else do I want to do?"
                  checked out an interior design site to see if there were any striking inspirations, none immediately
                             next, "I think I want to learn a new how-to"
                                    open new window - google - type - h o w t o
                                          let out a little chuckle (alone in my living room)
                                                open new post, "others have to know about this list as well"
This list not only posses many striking questions about our culture but could also work as a guide. Through reading up on these top 10 how to's you could actually journey through a major part of one's lifetime. Doesn't that make you want to start googling?!? 

Let's start the journey...
It is hard to decide if you'd want to check how to solve a rubix cube or how to get a girl to like you first, I guess it depends on your speed of maturity. I am going to go with the rubix cube first quickly followed by showing off that skill and using it to get the girl to like you. That would mean the next important question would be how to kiss so once you've got her on the hook you can impress her. For some, how to lose 10 pounds in a week might come next. My own side note, she/he already finds you attractive so don't stress it too much.

Following your night full of kissing, might come how to tie a tie so you can sport it on your next big date. For others that might fall after you have mastered how to write a resume. Sadly I do know some men who wouldn't rock the tie for much else.

Now that you've got the job you quickly need to brush up on how to download youtube videos so that you'll be up on all the hottest viral videos to chat about around the water cooler. I mean how could we live without knowing what that poor kid David felt like after the dentist? If you don't know what I'm talking about I know where you can find a good how-to.

You've got the job probably working on a house, next comes baby in the baby carriage, so be sure and check out how to get pregnant. Now you have an adorable little one to show for all your how to'ing (if you need a birth announcement I know girl). Alright now it might be time to visit the how to lose weight fast, but stay healthy!

Alright how was the journey for you? Oh we've missed a step, no I just saved the best for last! Now it is time for you to learn how to make a website so that when your mind is wandering you can not only feel silly in your own living room, you can share it with the whole world. Well I might be getting a little big for my britches, I do know the whole world won't be stopping by anytime soon.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

ba-bee bumble bees go buzzzz...

I made a new ba-bee shower invitation tonight, click here to view it on etsy. Once I was done I felt so cheery- even though we are in one of those famous "spring showers" tonight.

So I thought, oooh let's see what comes up when you search "baby bumble bee" in etsy handmade, click here for the results, and look below for some of my favorites. You would be one happy baby if your mommy shopped on etsy from any of these sellers!

Look below for links to these great handmade items & shops


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blossoms and Beauty Abound in Sonoma County

Was driving with the top down to my mustang yesterday and at times felt almost overwhelmed by the beauty unfolding all around Sonoma County. The hills are green, the wildflowers are flourishing and although it does mean some extra tissues for my husband the smell of spring is in the air.

I loved the positive response for last week's Santa Rosa etsy artists so thought I would use this beautiful weather to inspire a Sonoma County artist grouping. See below for links to each of the artist's stores. I hope you are enjoying your own piece of spring where you live.

Top: 1 Buttoned Neck Cozy by Wasieck, 2 fill me with pretty things by Alternative Journals by Celine, 3 Baby Girl Stroller Quilt by MamaRoux
Middle: 1 In a Dream... Fine Art Print by Megan Rhodes, 2 Morning Glory Earrings by Lana Doolaege, 3 The Touch of Spring by Honeytree Photography
Bottom: 1 Emily Dickenson Roses by a Luscious Thing, 2 Flower Button Hairclip by Isla Corbett


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Find your favorite new color... oooh, what fun!

Ran into my latest exciting spot for color inspiration, a great blog dedicated to color palettes derived from inspiration images. You can probably guess why I was soooo excited by this find. Another thing that I loved is that the writer and I are right around the same age and she is a graphic designer with her own design firm- one more example of the amazing ingenuity of women!

Find all these great images and colors on her blog, Color Collective, and get inspired!
She also links the original image or design on her site so you could very well use reverse inspiration, based on the color you want you can find some great fashion looks and illustrations.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is in the Air in Santa Rosa, California

I have so enjoyed using the "shop local" tool on etsy! I wanted to highlight this local talent- below are some of my first favs, many more to come throughout Sonoma County & Northern California. The below grouping all come from where I live-- Santa Rosa.

See something to add to your favorites? Look below for links to each item and seller.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovely Clusters

Ohh what a great find! Thanks to Lee from Cuff Mate for exposing me to such a beautiful blog, Lovely Clusters, the title does not disapoint. Each day I haved viewed her blog has proved a saving of one or more image for design inspiration. I love the colors in the Inspiring Spaces: Elegant Blue Dining Rooms so much that I needed to make sure you found out about her right away!

I can't wait to use some blues, whites and tulips to create some springtime birth announcements.
The above is part of the cluster from Lovely Cluster, view the credits here


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Awed by another Woman Entrepreneur

It's not that I am sexist, but there just seems to be something inspiring about the ingenuity of women! I have just been introduced to Sarah Hull's new endeavor, Little Penelope Lane, and I can't wait to tell my friends about it. Check out all the cute designs on her very active blog, http://www.littlepenelopelane.blogspot.com/, you will also see some of my button work on there.
Her products are going to make such great gifts to all my expecting friends this year.You can afford to purchase all the colors you love at her amazing prices!