Sunday, January 31, 2010

Working for my favorite client... MOM

I attribute 100% of my creativity to my wonderful mother (well her and my amazing talented dad- but it has to be 60/40). While I may put my ideas into my computer she has always been able to use her hands to transform simple ingredients into amazing works of art. Whether it be flowers, clay or paint the end result is always much more than the sum of the parts. Now she can even make jewelry out of paper an reclaimed materials! That's right the most beautiful paper mache I have ever seen, and it makes the jewelry so light and airy to wear.

Naturally I had to put my creativity into her new endeavor so this weekend we got her up and running on etsy, facebook and blogger. With a daughter who likes to make a graphic or two I have busted out her first branding pieces, I am sure they will transform as her art does but for now we are both very happy with the look and feel of Gee Wiz Jewelry.

Check it out at

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