Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This year I am gunna win it! If not at least it gave me some inspiration.

Are you all entering daily? A few clicks will mean a free home, car and $100,000 for one very lucky winner.

I haven't been watching much TV lately, well other than baseball, so I hadn't seen much about the new HGTV Green Home giveaway so when I saw an email with some snapshots I had to head over and take a closer look.

The design is so amazing. Lots of color palettes I am saving to inspire my own graphic design.

If you haven't heard of this sweepstakes head over to HGTV check out the amazing photos and sign up. You can sign up once daily until June 4th. Visit the HGTV Green Home webpage to enter. Or you can even enter in the box below or click to enter the tour.

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  1. Hi I absolutely LOVE your blog!
    It is so pretty!
    Have a great weekend!