Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy with a capital B

I have been VERY busy lately, which is awesome! However it has resulted in a lack of time to put all the awesome saved pages and favorited sellers into any posts. I am vowing that the end of the week will equal some posts about what I have been looking at lately. For now I wanted to share what has been keeping me up at night.

Picture Perfect Printing website launch. This is the initial upload, more decorative header to come but needed to get something up for these lovely ladies. It is a very cool site, you should check it out, it offers you the ability to put your favorite photos onto your favorite items. There are mousepads, wallets, laptop bags and more. Check it out at http://www.pictureperfectprinting.net/
Yay! Another project for Sarah Hull, one of my favorite people I have "meet" through my design biz. Sarah, along with a bunch of other crafters, is putting on a super fun spring shopping boutique this weekend and she had me put together the invitation for it. You can view her adorable products and learn more about her at http://www.littlepenelopelane.blogspot.com/
Standard 5&10 May Newsletter- gunna be a good one. If you haven't heard of this awesome store yet check them out at http://www.standard5n10.com/. If you live in or around San Francisco I hope you will stop by and enjoy this throw back to the good old days as it is a 5 and dime however with much much more than you would expect.

More to come soon, I promise :)


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