Saturday, April 24, 2010

Open House FUN!

I had a great time at my open house launch today. Thank you friends and family for your support. I do plan to have another one in a few months, open house / party not so much launch, since I didn't know when I set the date that is was both the butter and eggs and apple blossom fairs plus beerfest in SF!

Everyone thanks so much for all your well wishes and support it means so much to me and make all these hours feel well worth it.

Also big thank you to Natalie who spent her Saturday with us introducing me to Tastefully Simple. The food was amazing and believe it or not, lol, so simple to make! I can't wait for my order to arrive. I ordered the sangria and margarita drink mix buckets which you just put alcohol and water into and freeze for an anytime tasty slushy drink. Ryan and I also couldn't live with out the spinach and herb mix, artichoke dip mix and sun dried tomato mix! YUM. Gunna be a yummy summer of BBQ dips for us!

Below are some pics from the day. I was so glad my Mom and Dad could come down and showcase her jewelry here - I loved seeing some of the new pieces.

Thank you!

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  1. Wow! Your layout is beautiful! Love the chocolate and aqua combination too.